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Charles Andrews Ltd

Registered in England No. 4815137

We have taken this opportunity to invest in our staff to ensure they have the skills and technology to make sure our clients gain maximum advantage of Building Information Modelling.   We continuously keep abreast of new developments by employing the services of a professional BIM Consultant who works with some of the largest construction companies in the UK. Our designs are presented through Revit enabling clients to clearly see in 3D how the completed building will look.  Revit enables us to quickly provide sectional details or elevations of the building without the need to redraw the whole area thus reducing delays and saving money.



Design Builder and Thermal Modelling

Charles Andrews Ltd has the capability to offer thermal modelling using the ‘DesignBuilder’ Dynamic Building Energy Simulation package allowing 3D computational modelling of buildings, (taking account of building geographical location and orientation, location specific climate and weather data, building architecture, building usage type, building fabric properties, building HVAC and lighting system types and operation parameters, solar gains and effects from surrounding buildings, etc) to provide accurate environmental performance analysis based on the U.S. Department of Energy (ASHRAE Approved) ‘EnergyPlus’ simulation programme.

The software offers the following key capabilities:


BIM has completely changed building design.  It is usually necessary to demonstrate the complexity of services co-ordination by the use of computer modelling and drawings at early design stages. With this in mind we quickly recognised that BIM is a significant development that will improve the co-ordination and efficiency of the design and delivery of construction projects.

Over recent years we have seen IT hardware and software develop to the level that the creation of data rich intelligent models can now be achieved on projects using standard mainstream design systems.  We understand the application of the technology and have seen a number of benefits delivered from fully co-ordinated 3D design and the use of the data from the intelligent components.